A449 to close while phones repaired

Traffic into Wolverhampton will be unable to use Penn Road for a fortnight while BT Openreach repair a broken cable that’s left hundreds without phone lines for almost a month.

The A449 will be closed northbound between the junctions of Witton Road and Rookery Lane (B4161) from 9:30am on Monday 11 August, and is expected to re-open in two weeks.

BT is having to carry out the emergency works because around 800 properties, including a doctor’s surgery, are without phone lines and internet services.

The fault is believed to have been caused by water damage to underground cables.

Traffic heading into Wolverhampton from south of the city will be diverted from the roundabout at Lloyd Hill along Warstones Road. Vehicles travelling southbound will be able to use Penn Road as normal. Local diversions will also be in place.

Access to and from Coalway Road and Goldthorn Hill (A4039) will be maintained across the junction, except on Monday 11 August only when Goldthorn Hill will also be closed.

National Express bus routes 2, 256 and 255 which is also operated by Diamond Buses, and Arriva bus 64 will be diverted around the roadworks.

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7 thoughts on “A449 to close while phones repaired”

  1. Our providers, Orange, spoke to Openreach again yesterday and were given 1st September as the date for communications being back on. Ok, so that’s almost 6 weeks with nothing and still no quarantees BT lines will be in full working order. Well, we’ve had enough. Virgin are taking us onboard next week. Sorry Orange, we know it’s not your fault.

  2. This is the stupidity of open reach and poor maintenance. It was mentioned on the BBC watchdog programme last year. The estimated completion time on talktalk website was beginning of Sept but they took this off now and are saying there is no estimated completion time.

    I am thinking of switching to virgin. I know they have had problems too but I have checked with them, and our street is okay.

  3. So finally, there’s something in the paper. Why, after over 3 weeks of no phone or internet, is it an emergency. It’s not like they didn’t know what the problem was during the 1st week. I was able to speak to an Openreach engineer (parked near to where I live) on Thursday 24th July to see if he knew what the problem was. I was told that the 1st stage team had found the fault (major underground cable that had disintegrated) and the 2nd stage team where waiting for the go ahead from traffic management to get repairs done. He also informed me that there were about 10 sub stations that needed replacing. I’ve not seen any evidence of replacements. How true all of that is I don’t know as each time I’ve contacted my provider for an update, they’ve contacted Openreach and been told it should be up and running within 2 days, 3 days, 1 week. We were even told 7th August at one stage. Who is at fault here, BT, Openreach, the council? Will we ever find out?

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