Letter from the editor: Closure of Penn Now

Penn Now is closing after almost three years of operation.

In June 2013 I launched Penn Now, a local website for Penn and the surrounding areas.

Since that time over 125,000 people have visited the website and read our articles. We’ve covered news, local and general elections, environmental issues and community events.

I am immensely proud of the work Penn Now has done to unite and inform a vibrant and diverse community.

However in the last year, personal circumstances have seen me move away from the Penn area and concentrate on other projects and my career.

Unfortunately this means I have not been able to dedicate as much time and resources as editor of this website, and this may have been noticeable through lack of original content as we relied more on press releases and notifications from other organisations in recent times.

Penn Now has never made any money, and has not attracted the sponsors or contributors that I had hoped it would. There is little incentive to duplicate the work of others for whom local reporting is their passion and profession.

I am confident that the communities in Penn will continue to be informed by other media outlets, some of which you will find linked to on the left hand side of this website.

After almost three years a decision has been taken to close Penn Now this Easter weekend. Our archives will remain for future reference however some functions such as comments and our social media accounts will be deactivated.

Thank you for your support throughout.

Lee Stanley


One thought on “Letter from the editor: Closure of Penn Now”

  1. Thank you for the work you have done to keep the local community updated on news which was of interest to us.

    All good wishes to you for the future.

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